Costa Rica on my mind

Costa Rica, I'm so excited to explore you.

As we embark on this exciting adventure to the great country of Costa Rica "the Rich Coast", our minds racing with wonder and excitement. For future reference, sleep hard and long hours the nights leading up to the big departure date, because you will not be sleeping the night before.

The great wonders of sights and sounds, food and lifestyle, structured meetings and fun activities await us. Though we come to explore and learn we will leave with a better understanding of a nations that, with help from international associations and advocates, has achieved and continues to achieve sustainable business practices. To clarify this concept of sustainable development we define it as 'using the resources we have today without impacting the resources of future generations.' As mass consumers engulfed in a materialistic culture, it is so easy to neglect our impact of the future resources and justifiy our "need" for abusing and overusing them in the present.

Costa Rica's initiatics are truly inspiring. One area that has received great attention is sustainable tourism, a considerable portion of Costa Rica's gross national income. With aggressive initiatives to minimize their carbon footprint to almost nothing, Costa Rica has made astonishing progress towards this goal. Thei energy resources are generated by an astonishing percentage of renewable sources,. They also strive to keep over 60% of their nation covered in its natural state of old rainforest. National forests and parks are held with high standards and with much respect. Various organizations have been created to monitor and promote the sustainable practices that Costa Rica takes so seriously. In addition, a sustainable certification program has been implemented to categorize, rate and establish interest in sustainable business practices.

It takes me by surprise the many resources that Costa Rica aspired to. Through the tours, activities and various encounterings with native Costa Rican's we will discover the true basis for their drive towards sustainability.