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Get Ready, Pura Vida's Contagious

Pura Vida! 

Pura Vida, as in "Hello"? As in "Goodbye"? As in "Thank You"? As in "You're Welcome"? As in "Have a Great Day"? As in "Good Night"? As in "Life is full and I need no more"? Well, yes! In fact, yes to all. Pura Vida is the heart and soul of all Ticos's in Costa Rica... Life is at it's fullest and we need no more, Pura Vida!! 

Is there a measure for the weight of the world on our shoulders? Is it in pounds, liters, sangens, g-force, megajoules, terabites or imperial cranes? And how do we carry it, is it in an invisible bag? Each burden in a balloon pulled behind us creating drag resistance? I have no idea, I just know it's heavy and we drag that weight wherever we go. So, after ten activity packed days of both exhilarating fun and academics, I gradually began to release the weight of my world as well as the American grip held so tight around my being. By American society standards we possess …

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