Let's keep culture alive

The technological revolution has captured the attention of most people around the world. Individuals cultures has slowly dwindled to a faint memory, therefore In the far corners of nations all over the world, very small indigenous communities exist, rich in culture and spiritual practices. Generation after generation the elders pass down their values and practices In order to sustain their lifestyles they attend craft fairs and festivals, to sell their artisan made products to fund their community. All along Costa Rica's diverse country there are groups that have taken responsibility to help keep the community thriving. For example, the Maleku people live in the mountains north of the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica, offers presentations introducing their culture to tourists and selling their hand-made traditional masks and ornaments to provide an income for their exclusive community. With a unique language and religion and ancient cultural practices they draw an interested crowd to them. Another example is a conservation organization that operates an organic reforestation farm and learning center. Here native plants for medicinal use, regrowth of endangered fruit plants as well as other plants are grown and reproduced. Authentic and organic ways of caring for plants and animals are practiced at this farm. 

Louisiana has a rich and varied culture, much like the country of Costa Rica. It is a rare and  special treat to find communities that have retained their traditions. As Louisianans we possess this love and passion for our native culture and values. Across the state, we proudly operate several organizations that protect and share the unique and spirited culture of creole and Cajun people. Vermillionville, a living museum of Louisiana's Cajun, Native American and creole people who had inhabited the acadiana area between 1765 and 1890. Authentic attire is worn and cuisine is prepared and presented to tourists to educate  To fund this operational Vermillionville hosts weddings, festivals and corporate parties. These events invite many local vendors to provide the various needs of the event, which supports the local businesses and boost it's economy. www.vermillionville.org

Louisiana celebrates African American influence on Louisiana's culture and history. In this region, the African American influence on the arts has formed much of the culture. A strong jazz and blues presence still loves on in the New Orleans metropolitan area. This trail follows a path of great historic moments from the city streets of New Orleans to the Governors house in Baton Rouge. This organization supports the economy through walking tours to historic landmarks, museums, shops, and monuments, which are supported and able to continue their important works trough the visitation of tourists both from Louisiana and from the rest of the country.  It truly is a story like no other. http://www.astorylikenoother.com/explore/

Finally, the Office of Cultural Tourism works effortlessly to preserve the culture and arts of Louisiana. They manage three departments; Department of Archeology, Department of the Arts, Department of Historical Preservation and the Council on French Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL). By taking the measures to find, preserve and showcase genuine Cajun, creole and Native American historical artifacts, preserve historic landmarks, as well as the retain the language. OCT is funded by the state and provides employment for many individuals all over the state.